The following members of the 209 are gone but not forgotten.

Marjorie Batdorf
Ellen Behrman Dubrow
Ellen Brown Lane
Urlene Brown
Jane Bulmash
Deborah Chwalow DiRenzo
Linda Cliggett
Ellen Cohen
Susan Dictor
Vita D’Onofrio Cascarella
Janis Frank
Caroline Funk
Constance Glickman Weintrab
Carol Hauser Axelrod
Barbara Heer Karaszkiewicz
Pamela Johnson
Karen Kaplan
Marsha Kaplan Rie
Barbara Katz
Madeline Moore
Nancy Oppenheimer
Lana Paris Lax
Sandra Skerlack Koory
Lynne Sharp
Shirley Smith
Judith Soken
Barbara Wright
Francine Zager

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