Sunday, June 7, 2015

The 209 class gift

The following letter was sent to the GHS Alumni Association on behalf of the generous 209. Although the letter lists $13,000 as the class gift total, contributions have continued to trickle in since the letter was sent, and the final total is not yet available.
Shout on high the ringing praises,
Loyal, strong and true.
Bring we to our Alma Mater
Trust and honor due;
Other off'rings have we none,
Save our love for thee;
Then accept this one oblation,
Our fidelity.


Ms. Toni Bailey Nottingham
President, Alumnae Association
Philadelphia High School for Girls

Dear Toni:

Despite the chronic crisis in public school funding, graduating from our beloved Alma Mater remains an honor and a privilege thanks to the strong leadership of Principal Dr. Parthenia Moore, the loyalty of the faculty, bright students who care - and a devoted Alumnae Association.

As we prepared for our 50th Reunion, members of the 209th Graduating Class were delighted to learn that choral music remains a cherished GHS tradition. But we were deeply saddened to hear that the Carol Assembly was cancelled this year because the school budget could no longer stretch to cover faculty overtime for after-school enrichment activities. A silent Treble Clef? Unthinkable!

We were therefore determined to raise a substantial gift - setting our goal at 209 times 50 years. When they were asked to demonstrate their devotion to the school, our classmates' generosity far exceeded expectations. These women still care deeply about Girls High, and proved it!

Please, 'then, accept this one oblation', our Class Gift of ($13,000). We give this sum with the intent that it be used to launch a Fund specifically dedicated to underwrite expenses associated with Treble Clef, including faculty overtime for Rehearsals.

To all of you who care so much, we send our sincere thanks for your dedication and commitment to the school. We salute you for all the work you do. Please believe members of the 209 continue to support you and sincerely wish to see those efforts crowned with success.

Most cordially,

Linda Lieberman Dennery
Class of June '65, the 209th Graduating Class

11 May 2015
cc Dr. Parthenia Moore, Principal, Philadelphia High School for Girls

Thursday, June 4, 2015

When We Were at GHS

The following historical review of 1961 to 1965 was contributed by Marlene Jackson Jones; Marlene presented it at the reunion luncheon. She excerpted it from a much longer version that you can read by clicking here, or by using the '61 to '65 tab on the home page.

I guess we could borrow the opening line from “A Tale of Two Cities” and say “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times” and it was our time at Girls High! The years 1961 to 1965 were full of historically and sociologically significant events. During these years we were changing the world. Things were turbulent and jubilant at the same time. Were you present and accounted for or was the world passing you by. It was a little bit of both for me.

I thought I would share with you just a few of the events that occurred in order to put our years at Girls’ High in context.

The Civil Rights movement was really gaining momentum.
  • United States Freedom Riders began interstate bus rides to test the new United States Supreme Court integration decision.
  • The first black student, James Meredith, registered at the University of Mississippi, escorted by Federal Marshals.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his "I Have a Dream" speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to an audience of at least 250,000, during the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom and later there was the march from Selma to Montgomery.
The Arts were exploding:
  • Artists like the Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, and Motown Artists like the Supremes, Little Stevie Wonder and The Temptations burst onto the scene changing the world of music forever. 
  • Andy Warhol premiered his Campbell's Soup Cans exhibit in Los Angeles. 
  • Rudolf Nureyev the famed ballet artist defected so that we could fully enjoy his artistry.
  • We were in a race in space. Not only were the first manned space missions accomplished but the first satellites were launched that we depend on so much today.
Sports were exciting: 
  • Jim Bunting and Sandy Koufax were “perfect”.
  • Roger Maris hit 61 homeruns
  • And the Phillies almost made it!
  • Cassius Clay aka Mohamed Ali was Champ and controversial.
  • Politically we had “Camelot”, The Bay of Pigs, The Cold War …
  • The world was changing in so many ways. We had the best and the worst. Who of us will ever forget where we were when we learned that our President John Kennedy had been killed. We were at Girls High. The emotions still rise. Then later to see his accused assassin killed right before our eyes on TV.
These years were the foundation for where we are today in so many ways. The fifty years that have passed have been significant. The world still needs changing. Are we up for the challenge?

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Gail Weinstein's Commencement Address

At the reunion, Gail Weinstein reprised her GHS 209 Commencement Address. Here's a copy of the original!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Photos are arriving

Keep checking the photo page for new photos from the reunion! There have been several recent new slideshow uploads.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Make our class gift count! Please give!

You won't be surprised to hear that choral music remains a beloved GHS tradition — but there was no Carol Assembly this year; the voice of Treble Clef was silenced. Why? Because the school budget will no longer stretch to cover faculty overtime for after-school enrichment activities.

Wasn't it often those very same enrichment programs that actually defined the GHS experience?
The 209 was always an extraordinary class. Let's prove we haven't lost our touch!
You - yes, every one of us - can help bring that glorious music back to life.  The 209's Class Gift to the school will be used to underwrite Treble Clef Rehearsals for many, many months to come.

Our Goal is to raise $10,450 - that's 209 times 50 years! If we meet our goal, our gift will be the largest ever to the school. We're well on our way, having raised over $7,500. But we need more. And we really need your help to get us there. Even if you were unable to attend the 50th Reunion, your commitment to Girls High and our class is needed.

With warmest regards to all,
Linda Lieberman Dennery

Click on the "class gift" tab above to read more!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The fabulous 209 50th reunion

Someone told me Mary started working on the reunion three years ago, and if you were there, you probably don't doubt that it took that long for Mary and the reunion committee to create such an exceptional event. It was a three-day celebration of the fabulous 209. I can hardly describe my gleeful reaction to our reunion weekend, and the deficit I felt after having to say goodbye. I can't wait until the next one! There's a new tab at the top of the page where you can click to leave a comment or two about your reactions to our 50th reunion. As we used to say, "let it all hang out!"