missing contact info

These are the people for whom there are no known email addresses as of 4/2015. If you find your name on the list, or know someone who is listed, please send an email to Mary Cogan Frankel. Only email is being used for the 50th reunion event, no snail mail. (Your email won't be shared with anyone, if that is a concern for you.) The list will be periodically updated as new email addresses are received. Thanks for your help in locating classmates. mcfrankel@comcast.net

First Name, Birth Surname, Current Surname

Diane Beck Mallach
Rosalyn Becker Berger
Bonnie F. Behm
Mary Belmont
Linda Benethum
Judith Berkowitz Sokal
Alla Bilajiw Rogers
Dierdra Blanard Wallace
Cornelia Bychinski Bychinski
Bala Carr-Cairness
Marianne Chawluk Drumm
Jacqueline Chrisco Butler
Sandra Clark Clark
Mona Cohen Wexler
Leona Cordery Redfield
Joyce Crawley Edwards
Gail Depue Lewis
Karen L. Edwards
Madeline Flaxman Rosenberg
Pamela Fletman Fleetman
Rhonda Ford Ryan
Estelle Freedman Jacobson
Donna Gardner Baskette
Andrea Gary
Saundra C.K. Gayles
Marilyn Goldberg
Caroline S. Goldman Strieb
Dale W. Grabel
Dace Greizis Gulbis
Barbara Gross
Jacqueline Harmon
Linda Harper Edwards
Adele Heineman
Ingrid Hess Holmes
Edwina Hewitt Kerry
Antonia Hnyda Kirwan
Diane Hoffman
Olga Hrabarowski
Eve Ilsen
Jaroslava Iwanyshyn
Nancy Jamison Newstadt
Naomi Johnson James
Yvonne Johnson Jones
Glenda Jones Mickle
Judy Kaminsky Rosenblum
Rochelle Kaplan
Ricki Kauffman
Francine Kean Groverman
Suzanne Keen
Marian Klugman Matthews
Marcia Koch Romm
Beverly Kolker Meinster
Maria Korzeniowski
Anna Krucylak
Rachel Kurland
Olga Kusch Petersen
Adeline LaMonaca
Barbara Lefkowitz Vinograd
Sandra Leigh Clapham
Janice Levin Lichtenstein
Francine Lewis Grier
Cheryl Lieberman Simon
Nancy Lorber Berk Paley
Cheryl Loughlin
Catherine Lucas Lucas
Cynthia Marianno Paige
Margaret Mooney Marini
Melinda M. Mayne
Karen McGill Lawson
Nancy Mendelson
Janet Miles
Joan Minsky
Joann Moldawer Platel
Cassandra Montgomery/ Kupenda Olusegun
Margaret Mooney Marini
Jeanette Mueller
Susan Mutz Davis
Elena Nakonetschny Polakaw

Do you know how to contact any of the following classmates?
We have no contact information for the following classmates. If you see your name here, or know any of the people listed, please contact Mary Cogan Frankel. Thanks for your help in locating missing classmates. The list will be periodically updated as we find our missing class members.

First Name, Birth Surname, Current Surname
Nancy Avender
Frances Awruch Halpern
Christine Baker
Jacqueline Barbour
Kathleen Bareis
Helen Basajchuck
Marilyn Batt
Sonya Beckno
Bonnie Behm
Livia Berardi
Stephanie Berkowitz Cuyjet
Dorthea Bin
Susan Boyd
Shelby Bradley
Nancy Brandow
Jacqueline Brockenbough
Marva Brodsky
Ellen Brown
Jane Campbell
Denece Cane
Nancy Catus
Bettylou Chinn
Carol Clarrocchi
Cecilla Clemens
Linda Cohen
Miriam Cohen
Carol Cope
Roberta Cream
Mattie Curry
Elsie Darley
Carolyn Dicks
Alisha Dowell
Karen Edwards
Nancy Erlich
Lisabeth Feldstein
Betty Forman
Karen Foyle
Marcia Gilbert
Suzanne Gities
Marilyn Goldberg
Leona Goodwin
Deborah Gosnell
Barbara Green Gyde
Susan Greenstein
Dace Greizis Gulbis
Cynthia Hampton
Ellen Hanwitz
Laura Harris
Esther Hollander
Irene Homziak
Tamara Horodysky
Patrica Jeffrey
Carol Kauffman
Kathleen Klesitz
Lillian Kuzmiak
Thelma Leve
Joyce Levy
Denise Levy
Karen Matson
Marsha Mayo
E. McKale
Lynn McMoran
Georganne Mero
Jane Metz
Susan Metzger
Constance Mizzer
Janet Partridge
Wilda Petrie
Susan Phillips
Maryann Pullman
Antoinette Ramulis
Elizabeth Rebholtz
Alice Ridley
Andrea Robin
Elyse Robinson Bradt-Ray
Merill Roseman Grossman
Marcia Rosenthal
Meryl Rosenzweig
Lucia Rota
Eileen Rowen
Carolyn Saunders
Linda Savino
Shirley Schoen
Barbara Schreffler Freida
Sylvia Schwartz
Judith Shore (not Judith Shore Shapiro)
Linda Sickenberger
Cheryl Simons
Catherine Sink
Elizabeth Sisca
Linda Sites
Debbie L Smith
Susan Stone Kedem
Valerie Stone
Beverly Tompkins
Audrey Troublefield
Marcy Weiss
Mae Williams
Sandra Witzel
Luana Woodworth
Barbara Wright
Jacqueline Young

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