Friday, May 1, 2015

Make our class gift count! Please give!

You won't be surprised to hear that choral music remains a beloved GHS tradition — but there was no Carol Assembly this year; the voice of Treble Clef was silenced. Why? Because the school budget will no longer stretch to cover faculty overtime for after-school enrichment activities.

Wasn't it often those very same enrichment programs that actually defined the GHS experience?
The 209 was always an extraordinary class. Let's prove we haven't lost our touch!
You - yes, every one of us - can help bring that glorious music back to life.  The 209's Class Gift to the school will be used to underwrite Treble Clef Rehearsals for many, many months to come.

Our Goal is to raise $10,450 - that's 209 times 50 years! If we meet our goal, our gift will be the largest ever to the school. We're well on our way, having raised over $7,500. But we need more. And we really need your help to get us there. Even if you were unable to attend the 50th Reunion, your commitment to Girls High and our class is needed.

With warmest regards to all,
Linda Lieberman Dennery

Click on the "class gift" tab above to read more!

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