Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Last minute update

Here is one of the last updates concerning our 50th reunion, April 24—26.

The Ritz Carlton has extended the deadline for rooms at the group discount to Friday 10 April. After that date, all remaining rooms in the block will be released. Take advantage of this opportunity if you have not already. Details on how to reserve online or over the telephone are on our website: girlshigh209reunion.blogspot.com

For those of you who are coming, advance reservations for dinner on Saturday are recommended as the city will be jumping with activity. The concierge at the Ritz Carlton has made tentative reservations at 6:30 pm on Saturday for tables of four and six guests in advance at a variety of restaurants (cuisine and price) within walking distance of the hotel.

For 4
Alma De Cuba
Marathon Grill

For 6
Barclay Prime
Raw Sushi and Sake

Contact a few classmates, make a plan and call it in to the concierge at the direct number: 215-523-8212. You can discuss the choices he made or ask for a specific restaurant you prefer for any number of guests at any time. All your wishes will be handled. The tentative reservations made by the concierge for our group will be released if not taken by Wednesday 22 April.

That’s all for now. The plans are in place and the facilities are fantastic. Many pleasures and surprises are in store for the weekend. Our group is over 100 strong! To whet your appetite, here are a few pictures from past reunions (thanks to Gwen Gay Williams): http://girlshigh209reunion.blogspot.com/p/photos.html.

We can sneak in a few more classmates in the next couple weeks if your calendar has miraculously opened up. Join us.
Questions? Call Linda Klevit Hahn at 215.530.7151 
or email Mary Cogan Frankel at mcfrankel@comcast.net.
See you soon!

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