Friday, April 17, 2015

Reunion updates and details

Dear Classmates,
Here is additional information about the reunion events on Saturday 25 April. All events are either at the Ritz Hotel or within walking distance of the Ritz.
  • LUNCHEON 12-4 p.m. Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Valet Parking at the Ritz: any time period during the day $27 (plus tax); overnight $41 (plus tax). For other options, Google “Parking near 10 Avenue of the Arts, Phila.”
  • The luncheon will be held in the Petit Ballroom on the 2nd floor. As you enter the hotel lobby, look for the registration area on the right and beyond it there are stairs and an elevator going directly to the Ballroom.
  • There will be Skyping with classmates who cannot be at the luncheon. If you wish to participate, we will have computers set up for you to talk and see them from noon to 12:45 p.m. Plan to be there a little early to sign on.
  • Registration will be set up in the foyer in front of the Petit Ballroom, 2nd floor. Please sign in and get your name badge and additional written information depending on what other events you may have signed up for on your RSVP.
  • Dietary restrictions you reported on your RSVP have been communicated to the hotel kitchen. Identify yourself and your needs to your server at the luncheon table.
  • Cocktail Party will be held at classmate Emmy Salzman Cooke’s house from 6—8 p.m. For those of you who RSVPed you were coming to the party, you will receive walking or parking instructions when you register at the luncheon.
  • Dinner reservations at a group of nearby restaurants can be arranged by calling at least three days ahead to the hotel concierge at 215.523.8212.
  • After Party will be held from 8—10 p.m. in an area reserved for our group in the Lobby of the Ritz Hotel. Snacks and drinks are available at their cash bar.

Questions? Call Linda Klevit Hahn at 215.413.2232 or email Mary Cogan Frankel at See you soon!

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